Is Technology Truly Worth it?

With the continued advance of technology, it is interesting to see how it affects societal interactions. I have really enjoyed thinking about the question: are technology’s benefits worth the cost of lower face to face interactions and deeper connections. While technological advances have provided numerous breakthroughs (cure for diseases, higher efficiency, more readily available information), society had also taken a few steps back. Instead of communicating face to face, we text or e-mail, instead of getting to know someone by talking, we look at their social media pages, instead of children playing games outside, they play games on a tablet. When I go to a restaurant, I’ve seen groups sitting at a table together with everyone on their phone. This is already becoming the norm: being alone with a group of people because everyone focuses on the technology in front of them instead of one another. It is hard to say if it is worth it to sacrifice our ability for personal communication and attention for all of the promises of technology. I attached a link to the New Yorker that I found interesting and related to this post. They focus on the similar question: as technology improves, will society experience the opposite? Read the article here.

Of course, we cannot just stop advancing technology at this point. It will be interesting to examine how technology and society influence and interact with each other as both change. Both will inevitably change over the years. The thing to pay attention to is if the changes are for the better or worse. 




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